P-TECH is Now Open!

logo: CTEBBT architects, Kerby Nagelhout Construction Co., Wenaha Group, ACF, and RSA Inc. worked with PSD over the last year to design the new P-TECH building (Pendleton Technology and Trades Center) which was previously West Hills Elementary.  The remodel has come to an end and we are moved in. The new facility includes:

  1. Culinary Arts Program: located in what is currently the gym. Including a large kitchen, demonstration classroom, and restaurant style space for catered events and private meetings.
  2. Robotics and Aerospace Engineering: two large modular labs and one small lab.  The large rooms were converted from the current classrooms by removing the current walls between them.  Upgrades in storage, equipment, and electrical were done as well. 
  3. Credit Retrieval: students taking credit retrieval courses will be located in what was the library. GED will be in an adjacent classroom.
  4. Demolition and removal of cafeteria.  This structure could not be economically remodeled and the ground was also needed for the new access road that joined the current WH entrance with PHS.

New Courses

Foods 2

Course is designed to build upon the principles learned in Foods 1 (This course places an emphasis on cooking basics and food choices for good nutrition and personal health.  Students will learn fundamental cooking techniques, teamwork, and nutrition basics.) Courses of study include:  Kitchen equipment, menu planning, entertaining guests, garnishing, knife skills, spices and ethnic foods.  Students in this course will also learn the basics of operating a catering business, to prepare them for Foods 3 and possibly a career in the foodservice industry.

Foods 3 and 4

This advanced culinary program introduces students to careers in the foodservice and hospitality industry where students learn the skills and knowledge they need for success in the foodservice industry. On the job training, along with classroom instruction, enable students to experience all aspects of operating and managing a foodservice establishment. Throughout the duration of these classes, a partnership is created between the school and local restaurants to provide job relevant education. Over the course of two years, students experience instruction in twenty-five subject areas ranging from basic food preparation, accounting, cost control, sanitation, and workplace safety. Nationally recognized certification (ACF) is awarded to students who successfully complete the academic and work experience components and pass the final exam. Students also have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals and learn about post-secondary educational opportunities.

Aerospace Engineering

Students will be introduced to building and flying Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS). This course investigates physics and principles of flight, components of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and 3D printing, flight operations including autopilot programming and developing a flight plan, as well as current and potential Federal Aviation Administration regulations.  Students will also be introduced to UAS applications such as aerial photography, crop health monitoring, inspections, aerial mapping, and other emerging SUAS technologies.

Robotics 1

Students will design and build robots, and program them in C and Android-based programming to preform specific tasks.  Topics include gear ratios, motor control, torque, friction, sensors, timing, program loops, logic gates, propulsion systems, and designing/3D printing of complex parts.  Topics will apply directly to FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics competition.

Robotics 2

Exploration of robotics where students research, design, engineer, build, and program a variety of robotic solutions as part of a project team.  CAD modeling and 3D printing are emphasized, along with the documentation of the engineering design process.

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